A downloadable buggy demo for Windows and macOS

Five Star Freeloaders is a visual novel about a lazy NEET and their unusual flatmates.

Five Star Freeloaders: The Demo is a half-baked mess, if lovingly made. The full game oughta be out by September 2016!

UPDATE: This project is on indefinite hiatus for school/work life reasons. I'll give it another shot someday!

Oh, yeah. Summary.

Unremarkable NEET Jan Ericson is the odd one out in their own home. A tragically forgettable twenty-something living off an allowance, Jan makes a better bit player than a VN narrator — at least they would, if not for their unlikely roommates.

Jan shares suites with shy, wibbly Genny; their bestie-turned-demonic-vessel who swaps personalities at the slightest provocation. Taking up additional space is the monotonous AN0N: a repurposed killer robot whom Jan reassembled upon mistaking for another appliance.

And as for Jan themself? They spend most days playing games and stuffing their face with Ch--tos. Natch.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. When the Ericsons grow frustrated with their offspring, Jan and company band together and form the general labour provider company, Five-Star Freelance. What will result of their hare-brained scheme? Will Genny manage to keep her (literal!) inner demons in check? Will AN0N succumb to his murderous programming? Will Jan ever regain their parents' respect?

Welp, there's only one way to find out...


Windows Release 23 MB
Mac Release 22 MB


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P.S. I like how Jan is gender neutral and uh...Anon is coot, hehe. ////


Haha, thank you! I'm glad you like them! ♥ The project's been a bit slow going while I try to earn money for film school this October, but I really appreciate your confidence!

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Ah-! You responded so fast! Uh... (/^▽^)/ Chu welcome~ and I understand!
You focus on what you must do, school always comes first. *Nods and crosses my arms with a determined smile* (。> ω <)

...just, don't somehow forget about this gayme, plz? xD And Hehe, thanks~! ^// w //^
Also, there was nothing wrong with the art style! --like someone commented in the game, I find it's chibi-like state very cute. :3